Ticket Restaurant, un avantage simple et rapide à mettre en place

A benefit that is quick and easy to arrange

Do you want to enhance your visibility?
Here are two options:

Discount coupons

Every month, four advertisers have the opportunity to insert a discount coupon in 20,000 envelopes. That means visibility with a target group with definite purchasing power.

The Beneficio Club

Along the same lines, you can present an exclusive offer to members of the Beneficio Club®, the website reserved for beneficiaries of Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Compliments®.

Why accept Ticket Compliments® gift vouchers?

You’ll attract new customers!
Every year, thousands of people are given gift vouchers from the Ticket Compliments® range. Tap into this potential!

Edenred will provide you with two free communication media!
The window sticker and the search engine on our website will ensure that holders of Ticket Compliments® vouchers will be able to find you quickly.

Free membership

There is no membership fee to pay in order to be part of the network of outlets accepting Ticket Compliments®. The only payment you make is a charge that is deducted from your reimbursements.

Ease of use

Edenred has developed a secure platform specially for you. You can fill in your voucher submission form and update your details there.

How do you accept Ticket Compliments® gift vouchers?

To make your life easier, Edenred has developed a secure platform specially for you. You can fill in your voucher submission form and update your details there.

Here’s what to do:

  • Download and fill in your membership request You can also call us on +352 26 10 27 76.
  • Fill in and return the form (keeping a copy for yourself).
  • Once we have received the form, we will send you:
    • your membership number
    • your first voucher submission form
    • a Ticket Compliment® sticker for you to display in the window of your outlet
    • Fill in your online voucher submission form
    • Submit the form to Edenred.


In close collaboration with National Bank experts we have developed highly sophisticated protection systems to prevent any attempts at forgery.

Some tips:

  • Hold the voucher under a UV light: you will notice that fluorescent fibres have been printed and incorporated into the paper pulp and that fluorescent ink has been used.
  • If you hold the voucher to the light you will see the watermark: a design which has been incorporated into the paper.
  • Examine the voucher closely and you will spot some other security features: the guilloche (a design consisting of fine broken, undulating and interlaced lines), microtexts, etc.
  • Run your finger across the Ticket Compliment® logo and you will feel the intaglio print.
  • The vouchers’ individual numbering allows us to identify every single voucher by means of optical or magnetic reading and to trace its entire path.