The all-in-one gift voucher

Ticket Compliments® is the ideal gift voucher! More than 300 stores accept these vouchers in Luxembourg. They include supermarkets, travel agencies, tourist attractions, perfume shops, jewellers, sound system and household appliance stores, home furnishing and decor stores and bookshops.

An extensive network of accepting outlets in Luxembourg!

Every year, new stores are choosing to partner with Edenred by opening their doors to Ticket Compliments® holders. Mim’z, SportsDirect, Berlitz, HealthCity, Version Originale, Lacoste, Etiquette Vinothéque, l’Occitane en Provence, Hofmanns… Edenred brings you the most extensive network in the country.

Our network of partners

Your Ticket Compliments® vouchers are also accepted in the following restaurants:

What are your benefits?

the welcome pack

A welcome pack containing numerous attractive promotional offers negotiated with our partners.

discount coupons

For each of our products (Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Compliments®), we include discount coupons and special offers in each envelope.