Ticket Compliment, un avantage simple et rapide à mettre en place

A benefit that is quick and easy to arrange

Universal approval.
It’s easy to achieve with Ticket Compliment® !

Thank your customers and reinforce your employees’ loyalty with a gift they can choose for themselves! There are plenty of opportunities to reward your employees. So whether it’s to mark a retirement, a marriage, a long service record or a business anniversary, give a gift that your employee will love!

  • Ticket Compliments®
    The gift voucher that can be used in a fast-growing network of more than 400 sales outlets

  • Accentiv'®
    The marketing solution for your business and professional relationships.

The all-in-one gift

Ticket Compliments® is the ideal solution: your employee can spend it in the shop of his or her choice from our network, on items such as clothing, fashion accessories, toys, sound systems, perfume, household appliances, travel, books or home decor.

More than 300 stores accept Ticket Compliments® gift vouchers in Luxembourg. They include supermarkets, travel agencies, tourist attractions, perfume shops, jewellers, sound system and household appliance stores, home furnishing and decor stores and bookshops.

What are you waiting for? Start celebrating!

There are plenty of opportunities to give an employee a Ticket Compliments®: Christmas and the New Year, a retirement, a marriage, a long service record, a business anniversary… Give a gift that your employee will love every time!

An extensive network of accepting outlets in Luxembourg!

Every year, new stores are choosing to partner with Edenred by opening their doors to Ticket Compliments® holders. Mim’z, SportsDirect, Berlitz, HealthCity, Version Originale, Lacoste, Etiquette Vinothéque, l’Occitane en Provence, Hofmanns… Edenred brings you the most extensive network in the country.

Do you want to order Ticket Restaurant® vouchers?

Do you want to place your first order? Nothing could be easier:

1. Already an Edenred Ticket Restaurant® customer?

2. Ordering from Edenred for the first time?

Download the order form and fax it to us on 25 16 58

3. Want to order Ticket Compliments® vouchers bearing the employee’s name?

If so, you need to use our preformatted Excel file and return it to order-lu@edenred.com

Our network of partners

Your Ticket Compliments® vouchers are also accepted in the following restaurants: