As a recipient of Ticket Restaurant®vouchers, what are your benefits?

Up to €1,760 net per year

Ticket Restaurant® can boost your post-tax income by up to €1,760 per year (of 220 working days). Your minimum contribution is €2.80 per voucher. This amount is deducted from your net salary but recovered in the face value of the Ticket Restaurant®.

Your employer contributes
to the cost of your meals...

Snack bars, restaurants, butcher’s shops, bakeries, food stores, deli counters at supermarkets...
Over 1,500 outlets accept Ticket Restaurant vouchers® as payment for food products. Look them up with our online search engine.

By giving you Ticket Restaurant®,
vouchers, your employer gives you access to other privileges too!

the welcome pack

A welcome pack containing numerous attractive promotional offers negotiated with our partners.

discount coupons

For each of our products (Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Compliments®), we include discount coupons and special offers in each envelope.