Ticket Restaurant, un avantage simple et rapide à mettre en place

A benefit that is quick and easy to introduce

Luncheon vouchers are an essential benefit!

Any company can use them for one or more employees, or even if the manager is the only employee.

  • - The maximum value of the luncheon voucher is €10.80 New! From 1 January 2017.
  • - The employee’s share is set at €2.80.
  • - For the employer, the tax exemption can be up to €8.
  • The employer chooses the value of the luncheon voucher.

Management tools to make your life easier

Edenred has introduced various useful tools to make your management tasks easier and save you time.


Up to €1,760 per year net purchasing power per worker:

  • 100% deductible by your business

  • Tax-free for the employee


A saving of more than 40% compared with a salary increase

Managing your orders

You have a secure Customer Space where you can place your orders and track their progress until delivery, or update your personal data.

Electronic invoicing

In the interests of efficiency and the environment, Edenred has opted for electronic invoicing.
It’s faster, easier to archive and greener!

Offering Ticket Restaurant means offering numerous benefits!

As well as the tax and social benefits that our luncheon vouchers represent, you and your employees will also receive some exclusive benefits:

the welcome pack

A welcome pack containing numerous attractive promotional offers negotiated with our partners.